What is MK-677 and How to Use it

14 May

What is MK-677 and How to Use it

MK-677 is not a steroid but basically a selective antigen receptor modulator designed to work like steroids. They’re designed to replicate things like testosterone and other steroids and give the person a lot of those benefits that steroids would with potentially less side effects because they’re selective so they’re designed to go to specific receptors of the body instead of nests like other testosterone and other steroids.

How Does it Work?

Growth hormone is not a steroid, typically growth hormone is used or has been used in the past for kids for instance that didn’t have enough or people that weren’t growing fast enough that’s one use and so you know doctors would give them a prescription that would help them grow to a more normal height. On the other hand some people actually have too much growth hormone when they’re growing or even after they’re growing their bodies are producing a ton of it and they can grow slowly now when you’re in that growth state when you’re young and your growth plates haven’t connected yet you’ll grow taller and stuff. When you’re passed that stage what happens is your bones and nose and ears and tissue and everything starts to grow a little bit too much you kind of get thicker and you get that sort of giantism look that’s if you’re having an extreme amount of growth hormone now we’re not talking about those levels here.

With MK-677, it triggers the secretion of growth hormone it basically makes your pituitary gland produce its own growth hormone so instead of injecting some source and which could potentially shut down your own production because the body is like it always likes to run like a thermostat if there’s too much of one thing it shuts off if there’s too little it shuts on. Same things true with testosterone growth hormone if you’re getting an outside source of any of those things, your body stops producing its own. What’s really cool about it is it makes you produce it all on its own and this stuff works, this is not one of those testosterone pills it’s going to make you so much stronger and bigger.

How to Use It

It is best to take the MK-677 pill at night because it tends to make you sleepy. There has been a lot of research done on the MK-677, usually the researchers use about 25 milligrams and that’s sort of the sweet spot that most people feel. Once you start going over that it’s a very minimal gain that you get from it if any. So if you go under the 25 milligrams you can even get away with this as much as 10 milligrams but you might not get as much of the benefits you should get from growth hormones. If you want kind of to get both of the benefits then you’re going to want to probably take around 25 milligrams. So now the half life, what the half-life means is how long does it stay in your system? It stays in for about 24 hours so you only need to really take it once per day and I recommend it at night because you’re going to get that sort of sleepiness effect and it is going to help you sleep by taking it at night. 25 milligrams is going to be pretty the sweet spot for most people, if you’re smaller if you’re like a small person you probably can get away with more like 10 to 15 milligrams.

The MK-677 makes you produce your own growth hormone; it’s not shutting down your own body’s production of human growth hormone. So if you come off the MK-677, you’ll just pretty much go right back to the way you were.

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